My family fights what seems like non-stop, everyday. I come home from school and my parents fight with each other. We all believe in Jesus and God, but we all need to come back into the light. Please pray for my family to stop the fighting and learn how to work out differences without raising voices, and to just LOVE again!

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Please pray for my grandson-in-law. He is a heroin addict and his wife has cancer. She is 18 and he is 20. His name is Ryan and my granddaughter's name is Alina. She is pregnant with their second child and she is undergoing chemo treatments. Ryan needs to enter rehab and receive treatment for his addiction. He has many hurts that need to heal. Please pray that he will be willing to go to Teen Challenge for treatment. Thank you so much! Denise

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My ferocious sister split her wrist open playing soccer 16 years ago, resulting with a plate and 6 screws in her wrist. These screws started to become a problem recently and she needed to have surgery to have them removed. 

The surgery was yesterday (Feb. 6th) and it did go well, the surgeon said the screws were fairly easy to get out and was able to successfully remove all 6 screws. Thank you God!

However, there was a mistake made with her pain medication and she did not receive enough to get through the weekend. With only getting 2 hours of sleep last night and almost out...

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in Healing

Kathy recently had eye surgery and it did go well, prayers for a quick recovery and healing would be greatly appreciated. 

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