I woke up this morning hearing of this news and it is just so hard to even imagine.  At least 15 Christians dead at the moment and still a hostage situation. Christians around the world are being targeted and attacked, and they need our prayers more than ever right now. 

God please be with all of them and their families. Continue to give them the courage they truly need right now, to know that what they believe in is You and is real. Help them to remember that if these gunmen take their lives, that it will be that much quicker until they are with you God. Please give them comfort in...

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We have all seen it in the news, what a horrible tragedy. Everyone please pray for all of the families of the men and woman who were on that plane. 

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It is hard to even imagine what is going on. Even though it seems like it is across the world, our fellow Christians are being beheaded, for what? Because we believe in Jesus. 

Together, with the power of prayer, we can end this. Pray for all the Christians who have lost their lives from ISIS, along with all the Christians who are still alive and caught up in this mess. 

According to the news today, around 90 more Christians were just recently captured by ISIS. Pray for them, to stay strong, to know that what they are doing and believe is not wrong. 


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My friend's dad passed away quickly from a stroke last Thursday and the funeral is this coming Saturday. Please pray for him, his mother, and his 2 brothers. 

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You can read all about the plane crash here:
Very sad for all the families of the victims in this incident, especially the man who lost his wife and two of his children. Thoughts and prayers continuously for these families. 

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