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Please pray for my grandma as doctors keep finding more and more cancer spots on her face. Please pray for God to be with her in this time, and to just know that we all love and care so much for her.

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Mark Hall announced on Facebook that he has cancer. The doctors found a solid mass in his right kidney and seem to be quite certain it is cancer. He his having surgery on March 11 to remove the entire kidney, so let us all pray that God will give the doctors all the wisdom, knowledge, skills, and resources to properly treat Mark and get rid of the cancer. 

“Doctors found a solid mass in my right kidney about a week ago. They are 90 [percent] sure it’s cancer and they are going to remove the entire kidney … I’ll be in recovery for a month or a little longer because of the surgery....

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Please pray for my grandson-in-law. He is a heroin addict and his wife has cancer. She is 18 and he is 20. His name is Ryan and my granddaughter's name is Alina. She is pregnant with their second child and she is undergoing chemo treatments. Ryan needs to enter rehab and receive treatment for his addiction. He has many hurts that need to heal. Please pray that he will be willing to go to Teen Challenge for treatment. Thank you so much! Denise

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LeLoy is now home after the first round of Chemotherapy. Second round will be on 1/7/15. Prays requested to beat this cancer and to have a quick recovery!

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My cousin, Missy (brown dress in the above image), has been diagnosed with sage 4b cervical cancer. Any and all prayer requests would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

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