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Please pray for God to help me get and continue the motivation to workout. I really need it. Thank you.

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I woke up this morning hearing of this news and it is just so hard to even imagine.  At least 15 Christians dead at the moment and still a hostage situation. Christians around the world are being targeted and attacked, and they need our prayers more than ever right now. 

God please be with all of them and their families. Continue to give them the courage they truly need right now, to know that what they believe in is You and is real. Help them to remember that if these gunmen take their lives, that it will be that much quicker until they are with you God. Please give them comfort in...

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We have all seen it in the news, what a horrible tragedy. Everyone please pray for all of the families of the men and woman who were on that plane. 

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My poppy recently found out that he was going to need gallbladder surgery but last night he was taken to the ER last night because it got a lot worse. I haven't heard another update since then, but he'll probably be having surgery to open his bile duct and then remove the gallbladder.

Prayers to be with and help the doctors, a smooth surgery, and a quick recovery will be greatly appreciated. I will try to continue to post updates as they happen. Thank you all.

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in Stroke

My friend's grandma just had a massive stroke today and the doctors don't seem too hopeful. Please pray for their family for God to be with them and comfort them in this really difficult time.

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in School

Please pray that I will graduate this semester. I have a few big tests coming up and I hate to say this, but they could really make or break me. Please pray for God to give me the motivation to study everything that I need to, for the wisdom and memory to be able to understand and remember the material, and the strength through it all. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and God bless you all!!

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in New Job

I feel like I am miserable at my current job and I am now starting to look for another. I have a few prospects that I am looking into, but the whole thing is scary. I know God has a plan for me, but it is just very stressful thinking about this. Please pray to rid the worry from me and accept that God has everything under control, and that God will put me exactly where he wants me in the end, giving me the job that He wants me to have. 

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in Prayer

My prayer request is just that I want to spend more time praying and talking with God. I feel as though I do say a lot of quick prayers for people, but I don't often just sit down and talk to God. I want to spend a lot more time talking with God and just letting him consume my everything, my everyday actions and thoughts. 

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in ISIS, Death

It is hard to even imagine what is going on. Even though it seems like it is across the world, our fellow Christians are being beheaded, for what? Because we believe in Jesus. 

Together, with the power of prayer, we can end this. Pray for all the Christians who have lost their lives from ISIS, along with all the Christians who are still alive and caught up in this mess. 

According to the news today, around 90 more Christians were just recently captured by ISIS. Pray for them, to stay strong, to know that what they are doing and believe is not wrong. 


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We hear about fatalities, war, torture, suffering and acts of aggression towards each other each and every day but not about peace. News stations covering ISIS and Jackson, Mississippi occurances but not fighting for the ultimate goal of peace within. Nations versus nations, blacks versus whites, religion versus religion, people versus people.

Psalm 34:14 "Turn from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it."

By seeking peace we are seeking God, the one and only Almighty King. Without God we do not have peace and without peace...

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My ferocious sister split her wrist open playing soccer 16 years ago, resulting with a plate and 6 screws in her wrist. These screws started to become a problem recently and she needed to have surgery to have them removed. 

The surgery was yesterday (Feb. 6th) and it did go well, the surgeon said the screws were fairly easy to get out and was able to successfully remove all 6 screws. Thank you God!

However, there was a mistake made with her pain medication and she did not receive enough to get through the weekend. With only getting 2 hours of sleep last night and almost out...

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in Death

My friend's dad passed away quickly from a stroke last Thursday and the funeral is this coming Saturday. Please pray for him, his mother, and his 2 brothers. 

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My wife and I were just married on 9/27 and would just like to ask for prayer requests to continue to to grow together with God. Thank you all!

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in Healing

Kathy recently had eye surgery and it did go well, prayers for a quick recovery and healing would be greatly appreciated. 

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Prayers for Tom and his family for God's plan as he transitions out of a job. 

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Prayer requests for an Oakdale Emory UMC member for her true obedience to the Lord and for her children, that they may know and follow God. 

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in Cancer

LeLoy is now home after the first round of Chemotherapy. Second round will be on 1/7/15. Prays requested to beat this cancer and to have a quick recovery!

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Sam is doing better after treatment for stenosis of the spine. Please continue prayers for healing. 

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Prayers for all those without families during this holiday season. 

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You can read all about the plane crash here:
Very sad for all the families of the victims in this incident, especially the man who lost his wife and two of his children. Thoughts and prayers continuously for these families. 

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