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Mark Hall announced on Facebook that he has cancer. The doctors found a solid mass in his right kidney and seem to be quite certain it is cancer. He his having surgery on March 11 to remove the entire kidney, so let us all pray that God will give the doctors all the wisdom, knowledge, skills, and resources to properly treat Mark and get rid of the cancer. 

“Doctors found a solid mass in my right kidney about a week ago. They are 90 [percent] sure it’s cancer and they are going to remove the entire kidney … I’ll be in recovery for a month or a little longer because of the surgery....

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Hello my fellow prayer warriors. I am asking that you pray for my husband Bill. He has been sick since January. He started getting well the beginning of this week, but now he is getting sick again. I am trying not to be afraid, but I fail sometimes. Please, please ask God to heal Bill, and keep him well. He has had good health for 56 years. He is grounded in Christ, and has taught me so much about Jesus through watching him. And please pray for me, to know more ways to take care of and help him. One more thing, please ask for good sleep at night for Bill. Thank you, thank you for reading...

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Please pray for my newborn niece (1 week old), her brothers (8 and 11), my mom, and her husband. The boys have been placed by CPS with my mother for three years due to my sister's drug addiction. Now the baby is with my mom as well, and I'm so worried about how the whole situation will turn out. I pray for protection, comfort, and strength for them all. I pray that my mom's mind will not be burdened with worries about finances or resources to care for all the babies and that God will guide our family through the storm.

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My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's in March of 2011 and he is seeing his neurologist today because the symptoms are advancing more. Please pray that his meds can be changed so he is not further homebound than he already is. That frightens him and I promised that I would not let him be placed in a nursing facility so he is concerned about me hurting myself caring for him. Thank you for your prayers.

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in purpose

I go to church and I live what I would say is a pretty normal life, normal job, normal days. But I know this isn't all I am meant to be and do. Please pray to help God reveal what else he wants me to do, I know I can do more. Thank you all and God bless.

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My family fights what seems like non-stop, everyday. I come home from school and my parents fight with each other. We all believe in Jesus and God, but we all need to come back into the light. Please pray for my family to stop the fighting and learn how to work out differences without raising voices, and to just LOVE again!

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My son recently had his heart broken by a girl and has just seemed so depressed lately. He needs to find God so that he can find comfort in Him, and can begin to heal. In the meantime, he is resorting to alcohol and drugs, I suppose to to to numb the pain. I am very worried about him so any prayers would be greatly appreciated. 

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Please pray for my grandson-in-law. He is a heroin addict and his wife has cancer. She is 18 and he is 20. His name is Ryan and my granddaughter's name is Alina. She is pregnant with their second child and she is undergoing chemo treatments. Ryan needs to enter rehab and receive treatment for his addiction. He has many hurts that need to heal. Please pray that he will be willing to go to Teen Challenge for treatment. Thank you so much! Denise

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